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Reporting & Metrics

  • WhyWait™ tells you who your customers are
  • We provide demographic reports and how many customers we are sending to your Restaurant
  • Know what you are paying for

Marketing & Advertising

  • Reach the customers that matter most
  • The ones who are closest to you and searching for restaurants most similar to yours
  • Restaurants can place advertisements within the app
  • Make your advertising dollars count

Social Media

  • Integrate social media
  • Post links to your Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Users can check in using Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to tell their friends they are going to your restaurant


  • Streamline your efficiency by broadcasting your wait time through the use of a custom built touch-screen tablet
  • Lessen negative association when customers encounter long wait times and back-logged service
  • Cut down on calls to the host/hostess station
  • Provide the optimum customer experience

Your Profile…Your Way

Have you ever made a facebook profile? That’s how simple it is to use WhyWait™.

Tired of nasty reviews on urbanspoon and yelp?

Take control of the content you show customers!!

Make Social Media Work for You

Harness the power of social media

Customers can tell their friends they are visiting your restaurant on foursquare, Twitter, and facebook.

Let social media do your advertising for you… it's free!

Reach Customers

Post your deals and specials. You determine what they are and when they happen.

Send out push notifications to our user base. Tell them you're having 2 for 1 drinks when you are slow on a Thursday night… And watch your restaurant fill up!

Regulate Customer Flow

Broadcast your wait time and stop harassing calls to the hostess.

Cut down on people leaving in a bad mood due to overcrowded lobbies.

Bottom line… Provide better service to your customers!!

Text "whywait" to 511511

Watch how WhyWait™ can
keep a steady flow of
traffic streaming through
your restaurant.

Our easy to use interface and state of the art design connects restaurants with their customers.

WhyWait™ App Features

Reporting Metrics

WhyWait™ provides restaurant owners and managers the ability to track vital information on customers. Learn who your customers are and connect with them.

Marketing & Advertising

WhyWait™ is constantly working for your restaurant. Provide on-the-go advertising any time, any place delivered directly to customers closest to you.


Provide up to the minute wait times to your guests on the WhyWait™ network. Maximize your customer flow and cut down on calls to the host station, freeing them up to greet guests.

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